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Neon Blue by John Argo
Neon Blue, now also titled Girl, Unlocked by John Argo, world's first true e-book - entire proprietary online download novel - published in weekly serial chapters 1996-1997 along with Heartbreaker (SF) by John Argo 1996In this steamy, intriguing novel of suspense, DEA agent Laurel "Blue" Humboldt must unravel not only the deadly secrets of an international drug cartel, but also the unusual love triangle in which she finds herself. Does she care more for lovely Chinese American detective Martha Yee, or handsome millionaire John Connor? She can't think too long, because the cartel's ruthless assassin is closing in.  (Available at all major retailers online). No connection with Have Blue. Read free on this site as in 1996 (featured novel).

Have Blue
by John Argo

Have Blue by John Argo, 1998 - no connection with Neon BlueWhen a man loves an airplane, it's a matter of calculations. When a man loves a woman, everything is up in the air. "Have Blue" was the most top-secret U.S. military project since the atomic bomb project, and in 1973 the fate of the world hung on what would eventually become known as the F117-A stealth fighter. This is a historical techno-thriller with a strong romantic story line, loosely based on the first days of that project.  (Available at all major retailers online). No connection with Neon Blue. Read free on this site as in 1996 (featured story).

Night Shots
by John Argo
Night Shots by John Argo - suspense collection

Collection of suspense fiction
byJohn Argo—short stories
and short novels including
Terror in My Arms.

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